Adaptation Futures

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Event Date

Adaptation Futures 2016 is the fourth PROVIA worldwide adaptation conference. It will be held in Rotterdam from 10 to 13 May 2016. The conference aims to move climate change adaptation forward by promoting solutions across sectors, borders and communities. IGRAC will be present at this event and presentations will be given by Dr. Andreas Antoniou and Kirstin I. Conti. 

Ecosystems and Ecosystem Based Adaptation

IGRAC Researcher Dr. Andreas Antoniou will give a poster presentation on 'Ecosystem-based adaptation approaches as an integral component of sustainable groundwater management' on Wednesday 11 May (17:30 - 19:00). This presentation is part of Theme 5: Ecosystems and ecosystem based adaptation.

Water and Climate Adaptation Governance

On Thursday 12 May (11:00 - 12:45), session 9.1 on Water and Climate Adaptation Governance will be held in the Rotterdam Hall. During this session, IGRAC PhD Research Fellow Kirstin I. Conti will give a presentation on 'Normative architecture for groundwater governance: redesign to facilitate adaptation and inclusion'.

Venue Adaptation Futures 2016

Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam 
Beursplein 37
3001 DB Rotterdam
The Netherlands