Global workshop for SDG6 monitoring in The Hague, the Netherlands

Event Date

From 21 to 23 November 2017, a global workshop for integrated monitoring of sustainable development goal (SDG) 6 on water and sanitation will be held in the Circus Theater Scheveningen in The Hague, The Netherlands. The 2030 agenda for sustainable development is an ambitious plan of action for people, planet and prosperity and so is the dedicated goal on water and sanitation (SDG 6). And to ensure progress it is essential to have solid monitoring mechanisms in place. Therefore, this global workshop will be organised.

Workhop objectives

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a platform for countries and UN entities for sharing experiences and reviewing results from baseline data collection efforts, and for learning and preparing for future monitoring. 


The main audience is national overall focal point for SDG 6 monitoring, who have been appointed by their governments to represent their country in the workshop. Moreover, representatives from the eight UN agencies that are appointed as custodians of the 11 global indicators under SDG 6 will participate in this workshop too. Also participating in this global workshop are representatives of UN-Water member and partner organisations, 

For the agenda, click here.


The event has already taken place and the main outcomes can be found in this news item: IGRAC presentation during global workshop for monitoring of SDG6.