International conference on ancestral hydrotechnologies as a response to climate, health and food emergencies

Barcelona, Spain
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Heritage groundwater use in Chile

On 16-17 February, the International Conference on Ancestral Hydrotechnologies as a Response to Climate, Health and Food Emergencies will be held in Barcelona, Spain. IGRAC Director Elisabeth Lictevout will present at this conference organized by the UNESCO Chair’ Sustainability’ of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in cooperation with the Global Network of Water Museums.

Throughout history, ancestral civilizations designed and built sophisticated water systems based on the natural hydrological cycle. These ‘hydrotechnologies’ provided an adaptive response to cope with issues such as water conservation, irrigation or flood and draught control but also with biodiversity conservation and local/regional sustainable development. Good examples of such systems, some still in use today, will be presented and discussed during this international conference. 

The complete programme is available here.

Attend online

Day 1 | Thursday 16 February (from 09:00 am CET)

Day 2 | Friday 17 February (from 09:00 am CET)