World Water Film Festival

New York, USA
Event Date

Inspired by this year's World Water Day theme 'groundwater, making the invisible visible' a new non-profit film festival has been launched: The World Water Film Festival. Filmmakers and storytellers from all over the world have been invited to submit their films. 

The World Water Film Festival will be hosted by the Columbia Climate School and Columbia Water Center at The Forum at Columbia University on Sunday March 19. In addition, an online film festival will run from March 19 to March 26th. Apart from an awarding ceremony for the different categories (see below) and film viewings, the festival will feature some thematic panel discussions, including a session on groundwater and another on youth participation. 

IGRAC and the World Water Short Film Festival

IGRAC is co-coordinator of World Water Day and took the initiative for the 'making the invisible visible' theme. Therefore, IGRAC was happy to embrace this new and creative approach to increase awareness about the importance of groundwater. IGRAC has been engaged in the World Water Film Festival from the start and will also play a role in the thematic sessions that will be included in the festival programme.