December 2014

UPDATE Magazine publishes interview with Neno Kukuric

In the December issue of its UPDATE Magazine, UNESCO-IHE published an interview with IGRAC Director Dr. Neno Kukurić. In 1993, he obtained his Master's Degree in Hydrological Engineering at this institute and was therefore invited for an alumni interview to look back at his time at UNESCO-IHE. "It was much more difficult to say goodbye to IHE than to embrace it," he recalls. 

GroFutures serious game successfully tested at IGRAC

Currently, IGRAC is developing a serious groundwater game, called 'The Tragedy of the Groundwater Commons Game'. This game that is part of the GroFutures project aims to improve the participants' insight in the social dilemma of the tragedy of the commons through different groundwater management scenarios. In order to test the game and to see what could be improved, IGRAC recently organized a try-out workshop with some students of UNESCO-IHE.

IGRAC report on Groundwater Economics

IGRAC Intern Barbara Agstner has writen a report on Groundwater Economics, entitled: 'Significance and State of Affairs of Groundwater Economics in the Governance of Transboundary Aquifers'. With this report IGRAC aims at contributing to the growing body of scientific research, by enquiring into the role of groundwater economics in the governance of aquifers with a specific focus on transboundary aquifers. The full report is freely available online.