May 2021

Water underground talks video series launched to elevate diverse voices and groundwater research

Recently, a series of video interviews was launched entitled "Water underground talks". In these interviews, groundwater experts from all around the world share their passion for this hidden resource and tell about their latest research. The aim for this series was to share a critical yet positive and forward-looking perspective. Water underground talks is an initiative of the University of Victoria and Università di Pisa. IGRAC is one of the partner organisations and has been responsible for editing the videos. 

Making the invisible visible: 2022, the year of groundwater

Next year will have a special focus on groundwater: a number of global groundwater-events will be organised and products developed. Currently, World Water Development Report dedicated to groundwater is under development, to be launched on World Water Day, during the World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal. Also at the WWF, a groundwater management Catalogue will be introduced during a special session. Outcomes of these and other events will be used as input for the closing event of the year: a high-level Groundwater Summit in December 2022 at UNESCO.

Contribute to the Transboundary Aquifers of the World Map Update 2021

This year sees the Second International Shared Aquifer Resource Management (ISARM) Conference that is focused on challenges and the way forward within the transboundary aquifer field. It is a key opportunity for showcasing diverse efforts made by UNESCO, the International and Donor community and to streamline groundwater as an enabler for achieving the water-related SDGs.