October 2022

World Toilet Day 2022 links sanitation and groundwater

With the launch of the official website, www.worldtoiletday.info, the World Toilet Day 2022 campaign was kicked off last week. This year's edition is dedicated to the theme 'sanitation and groundwater' and is a continuation of World Water Day's 'Making the invisible visible' campaign. IGRAC was co-coordinator of World Water Day 2022 and is also part of the World Toilet Day 2022 taskforce. How are groundwater and sanitation connected? What are the main messages of this campaign? How can people join the campaign?  

New GCOS report outlines priorities for global climate observations

High priority actions to gather essential information on our climate system and improve monitoring and understanding of how it is changing are outlined in a new report by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). Climate observations are vital: they have unequivocally shown that human-induced climate change is occurring, and they have informed the projections needed to successfully adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas