Mohammed Alkurd

Groundwater Correspondent - Palestine
Mohammed Alkurd
Contact Details

Groundwater Correspondent Mohammed Alkurd is  currently pursuing a joint master's program titled "Groundwater and Global Change" at IST Lisbon, IHE Delft, and TU Dresden. His main areas of expertise are hydrogeology, groundwater recovery, seawater intrusion, groundwater pollution and water management.

Why did you decide to join the Groundwater Correspondents Network? 

"I am deeply committed to addressing groundwater issues in Palestine and advocating for sustainable management despite political challenges, overexploitation, and contamination. By joining the Groundwater Correspondents Network, I aim to raise global scale awareness of the interconnected pressures on groundwater resources in my country. The political situation in Palestine poses significant obstacles to accessing and utilizing water sources, resulting in water scarcity and inequitable distribution. 

Overexploitation threatens long-term groundwater availability, exacerbating water scarcity and ecological imbalances. Groundwater contamination from various sources compromises water quality, affecting public health and the environment. Through my participation, I will shed light on these challenges, advocate for water justice, and promote sustainable practices. By sharing stories, research, and expert insights, I aim to foster awareness, collaborations, and sustainable solutions." 

Which topics would you like to cover during your period as correspondent? 

  1. "Overexploitation of groundwater resources and contamination. 
  2. Political challenges and water restrictions in Palestine. 
  3. The challenges that my community face to get access to sufficient and safe water under."