Films, workshops and a sneak preview at World Water Film Festival in NYC


As the water world gathers in New York City for the UN 2023 Water Conference, the nonprofit World Water Film Festival (WWFF) will launch its inaugural event on March 19th, hosted by the Columbia Climate School’s Water Center. The festival is part of the New York Water Week and will take place across three floors at The Forum at Columbia University (601 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027) from 10:30 - 19:00. The event will be free and open to the public. 

IGRAC at the World Water Film Festival

WWFF will showcase a variety of 20 short and feature films made by water advocates from around the world, featuring workshops, guest speakers, and a 4-hour “Women in Water Energy & Film” summit, with IGRAC Director Elisabeth Lictevout as one of the speakers. IGRAC Communications Officer Stefan Siepman will lead the Q&A at the water and youth session.

Sneak preview: Our Blue World

Brave Blue World trailer

In addition, the Brave Blue World Foundation will present a sneak peek of their upcoming film Our Blue World at WWFF, following the critical success of their 2020 Netflix documentary Brave Blue World, which was translated into 29 languages and reached millions across the globe. Producer Aoife Kelleher says, “The Brave Blue World Foundation is excited to partner with the World Water Film Festival to launch our highly anticipated second film, Our Blue World. At this event, we will share a sneak peek of exclusive footage from our film, which aims to showcase the value of water to global audiences."

“News coverage alone won’t inspire change on the global water crisis; it is creatives who will save the day. By combining art with activism, we strive to enhance relationships between filmmakers, organizations, and the entire human population to build advocacy and activism in water-related matters.” - Robert Strand, Founder of WWFF

WWFF on 19 March 2023

About WWFF

Founded in 2022 by filmmaker and environmental advocate Robert Strand, WWFF focuses on uplifting stories about the human-water relationship to inspire equitable action. This inaugural event on 19 March will explore water contamination, water conservation, climate change, pollution, drought, groundwater visibility, and more. The festival is in partnership with IGRAC, Youth for Global Health & Social Justice, The Brave Blue World Foundation, and supported by BlueTech Research, which is an intelligence platform comprised of leading industry experts in water technology who are pushing for solutions to ongoing water crises.

Online alternatives

Even those who will not attend in person can enjoy the festival. The WWFF offers several options to organise watch parties, online events or local festivals. More information about the online programme here.