IGRAC at the AGU


IGRAC was this year represented at the annual Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, bringing together over 20 000 professionals to, over the course of one week, discuss advances in the field.

In collaboration with NASA, the University of Berkeley, the University of California and the Global Change and Sustainability Institute South Africa, IGRAC updated the wider community on developments in assessing global groundwater resources through in-situ, remote sensing and modelling methods and what the challenges ahead are. IGRAC's contribution focused on its achievements establishing the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN), tackling the lack of global groundwater monitoring data.  The presentation was part of the IGWCO session 'Integrated Observations, Modeling, and Predictions for Assessing Water and Energy Budgets at Global and Regional Scales and for a New Earth Observing Water Strategy'.

In addition, IGRAC, as one of the longstanding members and writing partners, participated in the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Water Strategy consultation for North America, taking place as a side meeting to the AGU. The opportunity was ceased to gather input and recommendations from experts for the GEO Water Strategy, beyond 2015, to be presented to the Plenary in autumn 2013.