Showcase your transboundary aquifer projects and/or publications on IAH TBA website


The IAH Commission on Transboundary Aquifers has launched a website ( that attempts to bring together all available information related to transboundary groundwater. This website contains an overview of transboundary aquifer projects and another overview with publications. It is a collaborative environment and the IAH TBA commission invites groundwater experts to start adding their projects and publications by filling out submission forms.

Add TBA Projects

The commission aims to facilitate research on transboundary aquifers by creating an overview of projects on Transboundary Aquifers. On this page you can access the overview of projects. Please contribute to this overview by sharing details on relevant projects. You can fill out the project submission form here. After a quick review by the administrator, your project will be added to this project overview in which users can filter results on date, country and organisation.  

Add TBA Publications

Similar to the overview of TBA related projects, the commission is also compiling an overview of literature on Transboundary Aquifers. You can fill out the publication submission form here to add publications to this overview. If you already have an overview of TBA-relevant publications, or if you know of a special issue journal related to transboundary aquifers, you don’t need to upload them individually. You can just send your list to and we will upload your list.

LinkedIn Discussion Group

To encourage discussion about transboundary aquifer among hydrogeologists, the commission initiated this LinkedIn group.