MAR Portal

The MAR Portal contains detailed information on MAR (Managed Aquifer Recharge) sites around the world as well as regional MAR suitability maps. By facilitating access and promoting international sharing of information and knowledge on MAR, the MAR portal encourages stakeholders to consider MAR as a viable solution for sustainable groundwater resources development and management.

Global Inventory of MAR Schemes

Many existing schemes offer excellent best-practice examples which can be useful during the planning and the implementation of new projects. About 1200 case studies from over 50 countries were compiled and analysed in the first global inventory of MAR schemes. The inventory contains information on site name, location, MAR type, year when the scheme came into operation, the source of infiltration water, the final use of abstracted water, and the main objective of the MAR scheme. This global MAR inventory is the resulting work from the IAH MAR commission and a team of researchers from several European institutions. New MAR sites and suitability maps will be uploaded to the portal as they come available.

MAR Suitability Maps

Regional MAR suitability maps are collected and shared through the portal. Specialists are encouraged to share regional maps indicating MAR suitability to improve accessibility to this information and to provide guidance for interested stakeholders. 

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