Establishing institutional cooperation in Latin America


IGRAC has formalised its cooperation with two Latin American institutes, namely the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) in Bogotá, Colombia and the UNESCO Regional Centre for Groundwater Management in Latin America and the Caribbean (CeReGAS).



The Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) provides information on status of natural resources, including groundwater, in Colombia. 

IGRAC and IDEAM have agreed to explore opportunities for collaboration in the field of groundwater monitoring. These potential activities would be part of the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN) programme. This may include use of the GGMN platform, capacity building or other groundwater-related activities.




CeReGAS is, as well as IGRAC, a Category II UNESCO Centre and it is based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Its mission is to articulate national and regional capacities at public and/or private level for the sustainable management of aquifers and the protection of water resources. 

IGRAC and CeReGAS have similar areas of expertise, but a different scope. Combining the global view and experience of IGRAC and the regional knowledge of CeReGAS can broaden and strengthen mutual activities. The intentions and possibilities have now been formalised in a MoU.