GRIPP launches Groundwater Infographic during SADC-GMI conference


GRIPP has launched its new groundwater infographic ‘Groundwater - Critical for Sustainable Development’ during the 2nd SADC-GMI Groundwater Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. As GRIPP partner, IGRAC was represented during the launch of this infographic that aims to show the importance of good management to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Groundwater - Critical for Sustainable Development

The infographic shows the trajectory of groundwater extraction and use, which really took off globally in the 1950’s. Currently representing 1/4 of all freshwater use and 40% of the water used for irrigation globally, use of groundwater has brought about many benefits to humankind, as the timeline clearly demonstrates. Without proper management, however, the extensive use of groundwater can have serious consequences, some of which are already apparent in parts of the world.

The graphic then goes on to show some of the potential future impacts, highlighting potential groundwater development in regions of the world, like in parts of Africa, which can mitigate against climate change and population growth, but also what could occur if we do not act now to manage this critical freshwater resource, especially in already heavily dependent regions.

Groundwater - critical for sustainable development

Download the infographic

'Groundwater - Critical for Sustainable Development' is now available for download.

The graphic can be used as an awareness raising tool for schools and other institutions and stakeholders. It has been developed together with GRIPP partner organisations: IWMI, CGIAR-WLE, IAH, BGS and Skat.