Groundwaters of the Dinaric Karst and other GEF projects


DIKTAS is dedicated to the Protection and Sustainable Use of the Dinaric Karst Transboundary Aquifer System. The project started in 2010, to last four years, having a budget of US$ 5.65M. DIKTAS is the first GEF (Global Environment Facility) project executed by UNESCO.

IGRAC provides the project manager and also contributes to various content activities (hydrogeology, information management). During this year, the second part of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis is carried out by about twenty national and international consultants engaged in this project. In parallel, cooperation and information exchange mechanisms are established at national and international level. Stakeholder participation, capacity building and knowledge dissemination are additional intensive on-going DIKTAS activities (for more info see the DIKTAS portal

IGRAC is involved in several other GEF projects (e.g. IW-LEARN, TWAP, SCIENCE) that are currently in various stages of project conductance. While some new proposals for (Central Asia and Central Europe) are considered for execution, the preparation for TWAP (Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme) full size project is well underway.