IGRAC contributes to 'Handbook on Water Security'


IGRAC Director Neno Kukurić and PhD Research Fellow Kirstin I. Conti have along with Prof. Joyeeta Gupta of UNESCO-IHE and University of Amsterdam wrote a chapter on Groundwater Security in the recently published 'Handbook on Water Security.' 

Handbook on Water Security

"Water security has received increasing attention in the scientific and public policy communities in recent years. The Handbook on Water Security is a much-needed resource that helps the reader navigate between the differing interpretations of water security. It explains the various dimensions of the topic by approaching it both conceptually and thematically, as well as in relation to experiences in different regions of the world.

The international contributors explore the various perspectives on water security to show that it has multiple meanings that cannot easily be reconciled. Topics discussed include: challenges from human security to consumerism, how trade policies can help to achieve water security in a transboundary setting, the potential of risk-based governance arrangements and the ecology of water security.

Scholars and postgraduate students in the social sciences working on water-related issues will find this book to be of substantial interest. It will strongly appeal to policymakers and practitioners looking at the strengths and limitations of water security."

Conti et al., (2016) “Groundwater and Security.” In C. Pahl-Wostl, A. Bhaduri, and J. Gupta. (eds.). Handbook on Water Security.  Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.

For more information about the Handbook on Water Security, please visit the publisher's website