IGRAC launches Groundwater Resources in Africa viewer during the 35th IGC in Cape Town


In cooperation with the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the Southern African Developing Community (SADC), IGRAC has developed a special viewer within its Global Groundwater Information System dedicated to present and share information related to groundwater resources in Africa.

During the 35th International Geological Congress, taking place from 27 August till 4 September 2016 in Cape Town - South Africa, IGRAC presented the viewer during the pre-congress workshop “Understanding the role of groundwater in 21st Century”.

Groundwater Resources in Africa viewer

Daniela (IGRAC) at IGC in Cape Town

The Africa viewer is an effort to contribute to world-wide availability of relevant information and knowledge on groundwater resources. The BGS maps are the results of maps developed by the British Geological Survey with University College London (UCL), to quantify the groundwater resources of Africa. These are the first quantitative continent-wide maps which give an introduction to how groundwater resources vary across Africa; their resilience to climate change; and the potential for groundwater to be used in adaptation strategies to climate and other environmental changes. The SADC Hydrogeological Atlas was developed as part of the Regional Groundwater Management Programme in the Regional Strategic Action Plan for Integrated Water Resources Development and Management (RSAP-IWRM). The map is intended to provide information of hydrogeological characteristics for the SADC region, focusing on the extent and geometry of regional aquifer systems.

For more information and visualization, go to: Groundwater Resources in Africa.