IGRAC Strategy for 2019-23: Groundwater in Changing World


IGRAC’s Technical and Strategic Advisory Committee (STAC), composed of renowned groundwater specialists, was set up in 2011 to provide advice to IGRAC. The Committee met last month in Delft and discussed IGRAC strategy for coming five years.   

A concept strategy document, as prepared by IGRAC was presented and thoroughly discussed during the Committee meeting. The improved version was circulated after the meeting and provided by final comments. The final version of the IGRAC Strategy 2019-2023: “Groundwater in the Changing World” is endorsed by the Committee and will be presented to the IGRAC Governing Board at the next meeting towards end of this month.  

The main recommendations of the Advisory Committee are: 

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IGRAC Strategy 2019-23
  • analytical work on groundwater assessment should focus at global, regional, transboundary and large-aquifer scales, but training courses on groundwater monitoring need to continue to be offered at national level to improve basic data collection;
  • much more emphasis should be put into monitoring and assessing trends in groundwater quality; 
  • the GGIS and GGMN should be updated and strengthened as fundamental IGRAC services, and
  • continuing efforts should be made to raise awareness of the socio-economic and environmental importance of groundwater resources, and the growing threats to their sustainability.       

IGRAC Strategic Advisory Committee members are: Prof Dr Stephen Foster, Jac van der Gun, Dr Ralf Klingbeil, Prof Dr Alan MacDonald, Dr Teodora Szocs and Marcus Wijnen.