IW:Science Conference, Macao


The first technical working meeting of the Global Environmental Facility IW:Science project, referred to in full as ‘Enhancing the use of Science in International Waters projects to improve project results', will be held in Macao, co-hosted by UNU-INWEH, UNU-IIST and the Macao Polytechnic Institute from the 25th - 28th January 2010. The conference will see around 100 scientists, experts across a broad range of fields and GEF project people converge from all over the world to begin the first-ever analysis and synthesis of science within the GEF International Waters portfolio.

With over $US 4 billion invested in to date, GEF International Waters projects are designed to help countries to deal with concerns in all types of transboundary water systems, ranging from river basins, lake basins, and groundwater systems, to coasts and large marine ecosystems and the open ocean. The GEF IW:Science project aims to recognize, capture, analyze and integrate the scientific findings from these projects and to disseminate them across the IW portfolio and beyond.

A specifically-constructed knowledge management model, the Scientific Learning Network, is being developed for the project, facilitating the searching and extraction of information within the IW portfolio at a detail not possible before combined with interactive communication and knowledge sharing tools.

This UNEP implemented project is being executed by UNU-INWEH, for all project and conference enquiries please contact the Project Manager, Andrew Dansie, at dansie@inweh.unu.edu.