Join the #OpenWaterData commitment and campaign

The latest UN-Water integrated monitoring initiative for SDG 6 update has shown that the world is off track on its pursuit of ensuring water and sanitation for all by 2030. Therefore, five accelerators were identified where efforts and investments should be concentrated if we still want a chance to achieve SDG 6, and one of these accelerators is 'Data and information'. However, SDG 6 will not be achieved if this data are not accessible! This is why IGRAC took the initiative to submit the #OpenWaterData commitment to the Water Action Agenda, leading up to the UN 2023 Water Conference.


We call upon all governments and organisations to join the commitment and all individuals to sign the petition.

The #OpenWaterData campaign, follows three steps: Commit, Practice what you preach, and Pass the baton!

For governments and organisations

1. Commit

#OpenWaterData | Social media card

Join the commitment that IGRAC will submit to the Water Action Agenda (before 31 March). Read the commitment here and join by filling out this form

2. Practice what you preach

It is easy to talk the talk, but it is important to also walk the walk. Therefore, we ask organisations who support the #OpenWaterData commitment to make any water-related data freely available to the public. This could either be done instantly or between the start of the campaign (4th of March 2023) and the end date of the commitment on World Water Day 2024 (22 March 2024).

Does your organisation have a full open access policy in place? Great! Then you can use this campaign to promote your open access data and pass the invite other organisations to follow suit.

3. Pass the baton

Challenge and inspire others to also join the Open Water Data movement. Join the social media campaign, by sharing  the campaign materials below on Open Data Day (4th of March), during the NYC Open Data Week (11-18 March) or any time leading up to the UN 2023 Water Conference

The social media cards are customisable, which allows you to add your own logo or name.

Organisations that joined the #OpenWaterData commitment

Register your organisation as supporter of the #OpenWaterData commitment here.

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Governments that joined the #OpenWaterData commitment

Register government as supporter of the #OpenWaterData commitment here.

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#OpenWaterData success stories

Fieldwork Stampriet aquifer

South Africa is a water-stressed country where groundwater contributes significantly to rural and urban water supply, as well as irrigation. An estimated 80 000 to 100 000 boreholes are drilled each year. To manage groundwater resources efficiently and sustainably, the Department of Water and Sanitation collects a large amount of data of various types, such as borehole data and groundwater monitoring data.


The Netherlands is a low-lying, densely populated deltaic country in Europe, a part of which lies below the sea level. This situation makes the country vulnerable to floods and to seawater intrusion. This challenging environment requires outstanding monitoring and management. Water management in the Netherlands is the joint responsibility of the central government, provinces, municipalities and water boards. Collaboration and data sharing is therefore an important prerequisite for effective action.

For individuals

You don't have to be part of an organisation that deals with water to  join the #OpenWaterData campaign. If you are passionate about the need for water data to become open access, you sign the petition here. The petition will be handed to the World Water Forum 10, which will be held in Indonesia in 2024.

Also, you can challenge organisations and invite friends, family and colleagues to join the movement with this customisable social media card.

Next steps


After the 31st of March 2023, all the commitments registered by the supporting organisations will be integrated in the draft #OpenWaterData commitment. This will result in a final commitment to be submitted to the Water Action Agenda. 

The end date of the Open Water Data commitment is set on 22 March 2024. This marks World Water Day and coincides with the World Water Forum 10, where the water world will meet in Indonesia. This is when the results of the commitment will be presented.

In addition, the petition will also be presented to the organisation of the World Water Forum to underline the crucial importance of open access to water data.