Open access books about groundwater made available by The Groundwater Project


The Groundwater Project, which is a Canadian non-profit charitable organisation committed to contribute to advancement in education, has made available online high-quality groundwater educational material for all. This includes numerous books, covering almost every topic related to groundwater. And all material is available for FREE here.

About The Groundwater Project

The Groundwater Project has developed a list of hundreds of books within carefully selected topic areas within the scope of groundwater. The Groundwater Project commissions (authors volunteer their services) and publishes original books in four categories:

  1. Children’s Books - dedicated to all sorts of groundwater information for children;
  2. Introductory Books - covering a wide range of groundwater topics and written for a broad audience;
  3. Overview Books - comprehensive books that cover groundwater topics in a larger context in a descriptive manner (mostly without equations); and
  4. Specialized Books – tailored towards groundwater education at the university level and continuing education for groundwater professionals.

For access to all groundwater books published by the Groundwater Project, please visit: