Submit MAR data and contribute to the MAR Portal


Recently, IGRAC has launched the MAR Portal, which contains data resulting from the Global MAR Inventory with 1200 case studies from over 50 countries. This data was compiled and analysed INOWAS, DEMEAU and IAH-MAR Commission. Building on this inventory, IGRAC now offers other organisations and researcher to contribute to the MAR Portal by adding MAR data.

Add data to MAR Portal  

If you have information to update and correct site data in this database, or if you have new MAR sites that should be included in the database, please fill out the Global MAR Inventory - Site submission form.

Once submitted, IGRAC will review the data and upload it to the MAR Portal.

About the MAR Portal

The MAR Portal contains detailed information on MAR sites around the world as well as regional MAR suitability maps. By facilitating access and promoting international sharing of information and knowledge on MAR, the MAR portal encourages stakeholders to consider MAR as a viable solution for sustainable groundwater resources development and management.