UNESCO IHP Region 1 meeting hosted by IHE Delft and IGRAC


On 14-16 May 2018, a UNESCO IHP Region 1 meeting of experts was held in the Netherlands. Region 1 covers West Europe and North America and experts of several member states were present during this meeting. IHE Delft and IGRAC hosted this 3-day event.

Region 1 meeting

Content Discussion

On Monday, the meeting started with some opening remarks by Stein van Oosteren, Attaché Permanent Delegation of the Netherlands to UNESCO. In his talk, Van Oosteren also covered the preparation for the 23rd IHP Council and the potential role of Region 1 in this process. The main topic for discussion on this first day was the last IHP Bureau meeting. In the afternoon, the main outcomes and follow-up actions from this IHP Bureau meeting were discussed. 

Day two of the meeting took place at Prinsenhof Museum in Delft, The Netherlands. The first item on the agenda was improving Region 1’s internal communications. Then, a content discussion on current developments in the water sector was scheduled, with a view towards providing input to the IHP IX programme. Helmut Habersack (BOKU) gave a presentation about large rivers, Neno Kukuric (IGRAC) on groundwater and Rozemarijn ter Horst (IHE Delft) on diplomacy. 

Conference of Global Network of Water Museums

Group picture during water museums conference

On the third and last day of the meeting, the experts joined an excursion to ‘Hertogenbosch and Boxtel. The group was invited to the 2nd International Conference of the Global Network of Water Museums, where Blanca Jiménez Cisneros, Director of the Division of Water Sciences and Secretary of UNESCO IHP, gave a presentation on the Draft IHP Resolution which launches the Global Water Museums Network. As part of this conference, the group joined a visit to Water Board 'De Dommel' in Boxtel, where Chair Peter Glas gave a presentation on water boards in the Netherlands in general and the activities of water board De Dommel in specific.