South East Asia and the Pacific Islands

With 3.9 billion inhabitants, South East Asia and the Pacific is by far the most populated geographic region in the world. And the rapid growth and density of this population are, especially in India, of huge impact on the region's groundwater resources. The depletion rates of some major aquifers like the Ganga-Brhamaputra Basin (-19.6 mm/year) and the Indus Basin (-4.26 mm/year) are alarming and frequent monitoring of groundwater levels is therefore of great importance to sustain groundwater resources in the future.  

IGRAC in South East Asia and Pacific Islands

Already for years, IGRAC has been very active in South East Asia and the Pacific, particularly in the field of groundwater monitoring. SInce IGRAC initiated its Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN), several regional workshops were held in the region to train groundwater specialists on groundwater monitoring. After a national workshop in China in 2014, regional workshops were held in Thailand, Vietnam and Fiji last year. Participants of these workshops were also introduced to IGRAC's new GGMN Portal, which a web-based application that gives insights on the availability of groundwater monitoring data across space and time.  






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