Groundwater policy and governance - thematic papers

Groundwater policy and governance

The Thematic Papers To gather the information required to produce the Global Groundwater Diagnostic 12 thematic papers have been prepared. The papers synthesize present knowledge and experience on a number of aspects related to groundwater governance, exploration and exploitation, monitoring, and strategic use. The 12 papers and a Synthesis Report are available on the project website.

  1. Trends in groundwater pollution; trends in loss of groundwater quality and related aquifers services
  2. Conjunctive use and management of groundwater and surface water
  3. Urban-rural tensions; opportunities for co-management
  4. Management of recharge / discharge processes and aquifer equilibrium states
  5. Groundwater policy and governance
  6. Legal framework for sustainable groundwater governance
  7. Trends in local groundwater management institutions / user partnerships
  8. Social adoption of groundwater pumping technology and the development of groundwater cultures: governance at the point of abstraction
  9. Macro-economic trends that influence demand for groundwater and related aquifer services
  10. Governance of the subsurface and groundwater frontier
  11. Political economy of groundwater governance
  12. Groundwater and climate change adaptation Synthesis Report