The Water Module: Educator guide

The Water Module: Educator guide

The Water Module was created and tested in Kenya by Saskia Nowicki, Nancy Gladstone, Jacob Katuva, Heloise Greeff and Dr Achut Manandhar (University of Oxford), Geofrey Wekesa and Geofrey Mwania (Base Titanium Environmental Education Programme) with input from teachers and students at Kingwede Girls Secondary School, Shimba Hills Secondary School and Mivumoni Secondary School in Kwale County, Kenya and assistance from Calvince Wara, Fauzia Mumbua Swaleh and Willy Sasaka (Rural Focus Ltd.). It was reviewed and improved upon by Dr Georgina Jones (Base Titanium), Prof. Dan Olago (University of Nairobi), Prof. Bancy Mati and Prof. John Gathenya (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology), Mike Thomas and Mike Lane (Rural Focus Ltd.), Dr Albert Folch and Nuria Ferrer Ramos (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Dr Rob Hope, Patrick Thomson and Dr Caitlin McElroy (University of Oxford).

This resource is an output from the Gro for GooD project, an UPGro consortium project funded through the UK Government via NERC, ESRC and DFID (Grant: NE/M008894/1) with additional funding from an Inspiration Grant from School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. The information contained in it is not necessarily endorsed by DFID or the institutions named above, which can accept no responsibility for such information or for any reliance placed upon them.

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