2nd Climate observation conference

Darmstadt, Germany
Event Date

On 17-19 October 2022, the 2nd Climate Observation Conference will be held at the Darmstadtium Science and Congress Center in Darmstadt, Germany. This GCOS conference, hosted by EUMETSAT, will focus on activities and solutions that help to achieve a fully implemented, sustainable, and fit for purpose global observing system for climate. IGRAC Groundwater Specialist Claudia Ruz Vargas will present the global gravity-based groundwater product (G3P) service for Copernicus and its contribution to the essential climate variables groundwater and terrestrial water storage. 

Quality monitoring, evaluation and assessments

Claudia Ruz Vargas at 2nd Climate Observation Conference - GCOS
Claudia Ruz Vargas

Claudia Ruz Vargas is work package leader in the G3P project and is part of the expert group for the GCOS essential climate variable on groundwater. In her presentation, she will link these two and show how the G3P can contribute to the ECV. 

This presentation is part of the session on quality monitoring, evaluation and assessments, and contributes to Topic 5, which is Climate Data Records, what do we need to do to make this information more reliable?. The session is on Wednesday 19 October, 11:00-12:30, and can be attended via live stream