Jayesh Desai

Groundwater Correspondent - India
Jayesh Desai
Contact Details

India Correspondent Jayesh Desai holds an MSc in Geology, with specialisation in hydrogeology. His main areas of expertise are assessing groundwater risks for infrastructural and industrial sites, assessing groundwater through aquifer testing and monitoring, assessing environmental risks associated with groundwater/soil and designing mitigation measures, implementing government programmes on Natural Resource Management (NRM) focusing on groundwater management, and designing and conducting capacity building programmes on groundwater management for various stakeholders (e.g., government, academic institutions, NGOs, and communities).

Why did you decide to join the Groundwater Correspondents Network?

"I have a strong interest in science communication as it forms a key tool while working on groundwater management through community participation. The network will allow me to interact with global experts to exchange knowledge and groundwater situations from their respective regions. I believe the network will help me build skills and knowledge in communication focusing on highlighting situations around groundwater from my region."

Which topics would you like to cover during your period as correspondent?

  1. "Visual communication (videography and video editing),
  2. Developing infographics (focusing on scientific, social, and political data),
  3. Producing podcasts,
  4. Designing and conducting interviews (e.g., government, communities), and
  5. Effective use of social media platforms."