Karishma Khadka

Groundwater Correspondent - Nepal
Karishma Khadka
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Nepal Correspondent Karishma Khadka holds a master’s degree in Geology, with specialisation in hydrogeology from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. Her main areas of expertise are geology, hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry and water quality. Karishma's research area and expertise also include hydrogeological mapping and study, hydrogeochemistry and water quality assessments.

Why did you decide to join the Groundwater Correspondents Network?

"As a hydrogeologist, I am passionate about working in the field of earth and water science, contributing my knowledge and expertise to ensure water security. This network gives a platform to co-learn together with groundwater enthusiasts from around the world, share inspiring and successful stories from the ground, get trained in storytelling and grow as a better science communicator."

Which topics would you like to cover during your period as correspondent?

"Springs are the major sources of water for mid hill and mountain communities in Nepal which are under serious threat of climate change and many other natural and anthropogenic causes. In this context, spring revival, including its conservation and management is essentially important. Therefore, my topic would be around spring revival and springshed management, particularly on the role of local community."