Report on Saline Groundwater now available online


In 2008 and 2009 IGRAC members made an extensive assessment of the occurrence and genesis of saline and brackish groundwater worldwide. A draft report including a global map is now available online. You are invited to send us your feedback.

Draft report: Saline Groundwater Occurrence and Genesis

Groundwater salinity is a widespread problem in our world. It causes health problems, decrease agricultural yields and profits, destroys fertile agricultural lands, jeopardizes livelihoods, increases costs of infrastructure maintenance and of industrial processes and changes or even destroys eco-systems.

Report on Saline Groundwater

To be able to manage saline groundwater, researchers, water resources specialists, policy makers and politicians need information on the scope, distribution, dynamics and severity of groundwater salinity. IGRAC contributes to provide such essential information for this broad group of people and aims to enhance their general understanding of groundwater salinity, promote early diagnosis of possible changes and widen their inspiration for selecting effective measures for interventions.

Comprehensive information on global groundwater salinity is now available in the draft report: 'Global Overview of Saline Groundwater Occurrence and Genesis'.