IGRAC participated in Mar to Mark€t meeting during EIP conference


The meeting having the theme "Boosting Managed Aquifer Recharge in Europe" counted with the participation of 12 organisations involved in the Managed Aquifer Recharge thematic. The meeting took place in the first day of the EIP conference 2016, on February 9th. "Boosting Managed Aquifer Recharge in Europe" open side meeting aimed presenting the scientific and innovation achievements of EIP Water AG 128 MARtoMARket, led by LNEC (PT), and EU projects on MAR, highlighting agricultural groundwater quality rehabilitation issues with MAR and boosting its social acceptance by farmers. During the open meeting IGRAC presented its MAR Portal on the global inventory of managed aquifer recharge sites, launched in November 2015 within GGIS. In addition, IGRAC was present at the Mar to Mark€t stand.

"How is water innovation succeeding in Europe?" was the theme of this third EIP Water conference, which builds up on the success of the first two conferences in 2013 and 2014 in Brussels and Barcelona, respectively. The conference fostered innovation in the European water sector by showcasing the experience of innovators and the lessons they have learned. It aims to present inspiring ideas, discuss a variety of outspoken and conflicting viewpoints about appropriate approaches to innovation, and help nurture and establish partnerships. Participants will learn how the European Commission and EIP Water are working to overcome the established five key barriers & bottlenecks to innovation in water in Europe, and they will gain insights on regulation, financing and public-private partnerships.