Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources
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Hannover, Germany

Geosciences are an integral part of daily life – much more than we are probably aware of. Clean drinking water, sand and clay for building houses, energy and heat are just as much a part of geoscientific research as protecting human lives from georisks. 

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) is committed to sustainable use of natural resources and protection of the human habitat. As a neutral institution feeling responsible for the future we advise ministries and the European Community and act as partners in industry and science.


In a joint effort with BGR, Cap-Net and the ex-GW·MATE team (World Bank), IGRAC has developed a course on 'Integration of Groundwater Management into Transboundary Basin Organizations in Africa'.  The course is the combination of two initiatives. Firstly, the idea of IGRAC and Cap-Net to give a second live to the wealth of material in the 10 year legacy of GW·MATE and to combine this with previous work on Groundwater Management in IWRM lead by Cap-Net. Secondly, the BGR lead initiative to execute an extensive "Needs Assessment to Support Groundwater Management in International Basin Organisations of Africa".