Strengthening the institutional capacity of ANBO, contributing to the improved transboundary water governance in Africa
Project Information

The project aims at strengthening the coordination and collaboration capacity of African Lake and River Basin Organizations (L/RBOs), Commissions and/or cooperative framework for transboundary groundwater management and their member states towards improved transboundary water governance in Africa through improved support by the African Network of Basin Organizations (ANBO).

It is structured around two main components:

  1. Strengthening ANBO’s institutional and technical capacity as a technical arm of the African Ministerial Council on Water (AMCOW)
  2. Supporting the capacity building of Lake/ River basin organizations, Groundwater Commissions and RECs to foster transboundary cooperation

The project is funded by GEF and implemented by UNDP. It is executed jointly by two partners:

  • OMVS, the Senegal River basin organization, which hosts and supports the Secretariat of ANBO
  • UNESCO, which has been instrumental in assessing transboundary groundwater resources and improving the governance and the management of these resources around the world

Role of IGRAC

IGRAC will support UNESCO-IHP in a couple of activities aiming at improving the management of groundwater resources by L/RBOs. 

  • IGRAC will foster the collection of groundwater monitoring data and groundwater-related information in two case-studies: the Orange-Senqu river basin, with a focus on the Stampriet aquifer, and the Senegal river basin, with a focus on the Senegalo-Mauritanian aquifer. IGRAC will support the RBOs in these two case-studies (ORASECOM and OMVS) with software tools (i.e. the GGIS and the GGMN) and training workshops. 
  • With the creation of an African Groundwater Information System (AGWIS), IGRAC will promote the collection and the sharing of groundwater-related information at the pan-African level, to support decision-making at AMCOW.
  • IGRAC will organize and provide training on groundwater management for L/RBOs.

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