SADC Groundwater Grey Literature Archive

Updating SADC Groundwater Grey Literature Archive
Project Information

Launched in 2010, the SADC Groundwater Grey Literature Archive (SADC-GLA) is an online catalogue with thousands of bibliographic records related to groundwater resources in the SADC region. The project aims at upgrading the platform and its content, to make it a fully functional online archive of groundwater literature for the SADC region, which can be accessed by all relevant stakeholders to support the equitable and sustainable use and management of groundwater in this region.

The current AGLA
The current AGLA

The project will build upon the recent work of BGS in developing the Africa Groundwater Literature Archive (AGLA), which has improved functionalities and contains about 4000 documents for the SADC region. The current content will be revised and completed, if necessary. More documents will be collected, with the support of young professionals from the member states, while additional functionalities will be developed, such as linkages with other groundwater archives in the SADC region. 

Project objectives

  • Reviewing the current data in SADC-GLA and the system;
  • Improve the functionality of the GLA; and
  • Train users in the SADC region and develop a long-term strategy to ensure the system is updated and maintained beyond the end of project.

IGRAC’s role

  • Support synergies between the SADC-GLA and SADC-GIP; and
  • Engage young professional from the member states in the collection of relevant documents for the SADC-GLA.

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