Jakob Ollivier de Leth

Groundwater Correspondent - Netherlands
Netherlands correspondent Jakob Ollivier de Leth
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The Netherlands

The Netherlands Correspondent Jakob Ollivier de Leth holds a bachelor degree in History and an MSc in Environment and Resource Management program, with specialisation in Global Water Challenges. Jakob has been active in the (international) water sector for more than four years in several different roles. In these roles, he worked on the theme of water reuse and limiting water consumption in several different roles in Netherlands for the water utility Vitens and in the Philippines. He uses storytelling methods to tell stories about water to make technical issues more approachable for a wider audience and is planning to use these skills for this volunteer role as correspondent too. 

Why did you decide to join the Groundwater Correspondents Network?

"As part of the Groundwater Correspondents Network, I am very eager to help raise awareness on one of the biggest challenges our society faces: the pollution and depletion of groundwater resources. I do this by giving a platform to people that move, inspire, or motivate me. As there is much for me to learn, including the arts of listening and asking questions, I am more than excited to learn from the other correspondents."

Which topics would you like to cover during your period as correspondent?

"The stories I wish to tell aim to make urgent groundwater challenges visible. I will introduce the reader to those who are already suffering from groundwater shortages, including farmers in the eastern Netherlands or Spanish nature conservationists in Andalusia. Or about young changemakers in the water sector. Although water issues are challenging in socio-economic and environmental aspects, rather than paint doomsday scenarios, I wish to leave the reader hopeful and inspired."