Jonas Kambale Kiriko

Groundwater Correspondent - DR Congo
Jonas Kambale Kiriko
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DR Congo

DR Congo Correspondent Jonas Kambale Kiriko holds a bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Science, with specialisation in multimedia. Jonas is a journalist who is passionate about the environment, water and agriculture. Moreover, he also has an interest in data journalism and over 10 years of experience in radio, TV and online journalism. This also makes Jonas a trainer for young people and beginners in journalism.

Why did you decide to join the Groundwater Correspondents Network?

"My main motivation was to gain experience as a volunteer, contribute to the protection of groundwater,
help sensitize communities on the alternative offered by groundwater in a country like the DRC where access to water is low, expand my network and, hopefully, one day win a prize for my contribution to the protection of groundwater."

Which topics would you like to cover during your period as correspondent?

  1. "Following the irregularity of the rains, how rice farmers in the Beni region can use groundwater to irrigate their fields,
  2. Cases of sexual violence against women and young girls are often committed in the town of Beni and the surrounding area when looking for drinking water. However, groundwater (by digging wells near their homes) can make it no longer necessary for women and young girls to wake up late at night in search of water and it thereby reduces the cases of violence, and
  3. In the absence of a public water supply policy in the city of Beni, individuals organize themselves in the distribution of water in their neighborhoods by resorting to groundwater. In return, they earn money because this distribution is not free."