IGRAC launch GGIS viewer for DIKTAS project in Balkan Peninsula


IGRAC has launched a new viewer with groundwater information from the Dinaric Karst region of the Balkan Peninsula. This map viewer contains the results from the DIKTAS project and is part of the Global Groundwater Information System (GGIS). The viewer is designed to provide information to a wide group of stakeholders, like groundwater users and those engaged in the management of the groundwater resources in the region.

Access the DIKTAS GGIS viewer here

About DIKTAS project

DIKTAS is a full-size GEF regional project, implemented by UNDP and executed by UNESCO-IHP. The core DIKTAS project partners are four GEF fund-recipient countries of the Dinaric region, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

The DIKTAS project is the first ever attempted globally to introduce sustainable integrated management principles in a transboundary karst freshwater aquifer of the magnitude of the Dinaric Karst System. At the global level the project aims at focusing the attention of the international community on the huge but vulnerable water resources contained in karst aquifers (carbonatic rock formations), which are widespread globally, but poorly understood. The Dinaric Karst Aquifer System, shared by several countries and one of the world’s largest, has been identified as an ideal opportunity for applying new and integrated management approaches to these unique freshwater resources and ecosystems.