Focal Areas

Since 2003, IGRAC facilitates and promotes sharing of groundwater information and knowledge, focusing from early days on aquifer assessment and groundwater monitoring. Gradually, IGRAC is expanding its interest to other groundwater-related topics, such as governance, training and climate change adaptation.  

A large proportion of the world's groundwater is contained in aquifers, which are shared by several countries.

Our groudwater assessment activities encompass country-based transboundary and thematic assessment.

The state of groundwater resources needs to be monitored regularly to provide the basis for its assessment and to estimate their quantity.

The impact of the worsening water quality is much wider and uncertain than previously thought. Particularly over groundwater, due to insufficient information in many parts of the world.

IGRAC facilitates and promotes world-wide exchange of groundwater knowledge and information to improve groundwater management,

By organising regional workshops or developing training material, IGRAC strives to make groundwater knowledge available to everyone.

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is a promising adaptation measure to reduce vulnerability to climate change and hydrological variability. Find out what IGRAC is doing with regards to MAR.

With our groundwater governance activities we aim to influence polical decisions by raising awareness about the importance of groundwater.

Climate change becomes of ever greater concern and although this issue is currently getting a great deal of attention, its effect on groundwater is still underexposed. 

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have limited options developing their freshwater resources and are vulnerable to climate change. These SIDS often fully rely on groundwater.