MAR Networks and Cooperation

IGRAC is participating in various MAR networks. These networks are set up to increase awareness on MAR techniques and solutions among water specialists and the general public, and to facilitate international exchange of information, by disseminating results of research and practical experience, and by undertaking joint projects and activities. 

IAH-MAR Commission 

[caption align=right]IAH-MAR Commission IAH-MAR Commission[/caption]

The main objective of the MAR Commission of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-MAR) is to promote MAR through encouraging “research, development and adoption of improved practices for MAR”. The Commission facilitates exchange of information between members internationally, disseminates results of research and practical experience (via conferences and workshops) and raises awareness of MAR among IAH members and the water community. 

EIP Water Action Group: MAR(Solutions) to MAR-ket 

[caption align=right]MAR to Mark€t MAR to Mark€t[/caption]

MAR(Solution) to MAR-ket is an action Group under the European Innovation Partnership (EIP). The group focuses on strategies and actions to bring Managed Aquifer Recharge scientific based solutions and techniques to the industry. It does this by promoting MAR to the principal stakeholders and SMEs. By transferring the results of MAR into guidelines and policy it enables successful MAR implementations to other locations.


[caption align=right]Be Buffered 3R Consortium[/caption]

3R stands for “Recharge, Retention and Reuse of Groundwater & Rainwater”. 3R is both an approach and an initiative that deals with the management of the water storage. It is a result of four Dutch entities (RAIN, Acacia Water, MetaMeta and Aqua for All), the German Geological Survey (BGR) and IGRAC joining forces in their attempts to contribute in climate change adaptation measures.