Information & Knowledge Management

Data and information collection, structuring and harmonisation, processing and interpretation, are some of the steps that usually precede the knowledge sharing process. Additionally, information and knowledge to be shared need to be made accessible (and appealing) to the targeted audience.       
IGRAC facilitates and promotes world-wide exchange of groundwater information and knowledge to improve groundwater management. That would not be too difficult task if the requested information and knowledge were always available, and in the way required by the end-user (assuming that the latter is known). However, data and information are often scattered of lacking; when gathered they require substantial processing and interpretation, followed by dissemination in an appealing form to the right audience. 

IGRAC is engaged in all the steps required to support information and knowledge sharing. The main tool developed to support this process is the Global Groundwater Information System (GGIS). GGIS  is an interactive, web-based portal to groundwater-related information and knowledge. The main purpose of the system is to assist in collection and analysis of information on groundwater resources and sharing it among groundwater experts, decision-makers and general public. In parallel, IGRAC is building a broad network of groundwater-related specialists and stakeholders in order to provide right information (product or service) to right audience. Contemporary social media play an increasingly important role in this process.