IGRAC at the Y.E.S. Congress in Beijing


From October 25 to 28 the first  world Young Earth Scientist congress will be held in Beijing at the University of Geosciences. This event is especially targeting young professionals with a geoscientifical background working in governmental organisations, industry or sciences.

On behalf of IGRAC and the Geological Survey of the Netherlands, Sophie Vermooten will convene the groundwater session - "groundwater - towards sustainable use".
A list of participants is now available from the yescongress portal.

A. Riccardi, IUGS president: 
Several years ago the IUGS launched the International Year of Planet Earth initiative to demonstrate the potential of Earth sciences for the building of a safer, healthier and wealthier society and to encourage civil society to apply this potential more effectively. Since then the International Year of Planet Earth was proclaimed as a UN Year by the United Nations General Assembly and became an enriching reality.

E. de Mulder, Executive Director IYPE Secretariat:
The International Year of Planet Earth (2007-2009) aims to contribute in making societies safer, healthier and more prosperous by using more Earth sciences in decision making as such knowledge is available but still underutilized. As these aims comply well with the ambitions of the United Nations concerning sustainable development, the UN General Assembly proclaimed the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) as a UN Year for 2008.