Workshop on data storage solutions for Southern Africa


From 20 to 24 April, a workshop was held on Data Storage Solutions, with a particular focus on Southern Africa. This online workshop was organised as part of an USAID sponsored programme on ‘big data analytics and transboundary water collaboration’. The programme is divided in four themes (projects) and IGRAC is involved in theme 1 on Big data for Groundwater Management

Exploring big data solutions for Southern Africa

Partners involved in all four research themes attended the online workshop, each proposing different ways to use big data analysis to improve water security for the Ramotswa Aquifer, shared between Botswana and South Africa, and surrounding water systems. 

IGRAC was one of those partners proposing big data storage and visualisation solutions. First, IGRAC researcher Claudia Ruz Vargas presented the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN) Programme and its GGMN portal and GGMN app.


Then, Arnaud Sterckx presented the SADC Groundwater Information Portal (SADC-GIP), which is based on a 2010 hydrogeological mapping project of the region. The portal is mostly historical in nature, but new layers can be added in the login portal. Also, it will now combine data of the 2010 project site with the Ramotswa Information Management System, which is another IGRAC project in the region.